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Fancy Shawl Dancer, Design on Canvas

Fancy Shawl Dancer, Design on Canvas

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​Powwow dances are beautiful expressions of Indigenous spirituality, history and culture. The most well-known and wide-spread powwow dance styles are the Northern-style dances, including men’s Traditional, Grass and Fancy, and women’s Traditional, Jingle Dress and Fancy Shawl. The women's Fancy Shawl Dance has its roots in a ceremonial dance called the Butterfly Dance. The shawl, as a result, is meant to symbolize the wings of a butterfly, and the fancy steps and twirls represent its style of flight. This imagery is fitting for young women coming of age, as they metaphorically emerge from their cocoon into adulthood. 

FutureKokum creates a design on canvas which represents a Fancy Shawl Dancer. 

Canvas: 8 inches x 8 inches, black shadow box frame is not included.

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